Movie Friday – American Psycho


Hello, hello!!

I don’t wanna talk about books today, but I will say I started reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time in my life. It is not my first attempt at Jane Austen, though. I have tried to read Emma about ten times in the last few years, but I can never get past the first 50 pages… I don’t know. P and P is looking good so far, I think it’ll be a winner!

Okay, now to the movie I have watched this week. For some reason I had never seen American Psycho before and because of some strange force of nature it kept popping up in my life this week… blogs referencing to it, stuff on TV, even the meme. I just had to watch it.

Christian Bale is just AMAZING playing Patrick Bateman. All the nuances of the character are mesmerizing to watch on his acting. Just great. I like that it is just the right amount of gore, so it doesn’t tend too much to the side where we don’t care about the story anymore, just the disgusting scenes. Now, let’s talk about the plot and the ending of it.


Ok, so suddenly he goes on a killing spree. And then calls his lawyer to let him know what he did. Next day he meets said lawyer and finds out that the lawyer does not believe him to be serious and also, that he has met with one of Bateman’s alleged victim just recently. Bateman goes on to Paul Allen’s (the victim) place, where he had been practicing his sick hobby and founds a lack of bodies, blood and so on. I, as soon as the credits started rolling, googled the explanation to that weird ending… Did he kill those people? Was it just his imagination?

Honestly, my theory when he met the lawyer after the call was that the lawyer had believed him and actually took care of everything: cleaned up the apartment, took upon himself to say Paul was still alive, etc. But after some research it is clear that the ending is supposed to be a mystery, as stated by the director Mary Harron (however she also says she failed at it), as well as by everyone who read the book it was based on, by Bret Easton Ellis. I obviously didn’t read the book.

After I accepted the fact that it is supposed to be like that, I loved it!



The reason why I loved this movie so much is that it just goes to show how thin the line between symptoms of a pathology inside one’s head and acting on it in real life, really is. He fooled us all, maybe even himself? If one does not practice the horrible acts in his head, is he still “a psycho?” Do we judge it based on how it affects society and people around said person or do we judge the person in itself, even if he is not running around killing people?

This movie gave me much food for thought, I’m glad I decided to watch it.

‘Til next time!


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